The Kerygma Encounter

Arise! Fall Retreat – 2018

Saturday, November 3rd at St. Patrick Parish Life Center
8:30am to 3:00pm | Lunch Break: 11:30am to Noon.
FREE Admission – Registration IS Required!

The Kerygma Encounter is an opportunity to hear the essential Gospel message like you haven’t heard it before. All Catholics have heard about God’s plan of salvation for mankind. This retreat will dig deeper and reveal more meaning to the familiar words we’ve heard so often. We will explore the Trinity, the nature of God, the nature and purpose of man, the work of Jesus and the meaning of our relationship with our heavenly Father, rooted in the very reason for our existence. Participants will hear several reflections on these topics and have ample prayer time for a personal response. The truths proclaimed in this retreat are a must for all Catholics, especially leaders in the Church.


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Our Story & Vision

“Arise” was born out of a conversation between a couple of us who, through our own experience, recognized a need to bring together other disciples to help build the kingdom. We felt there was a general lack of practical ministry specifically geared towards Catholic men, so we started to hash out what that would look like. During one of our discussions, we shared our testimonies of how we turned from living a worldly life, sitting on the Christian sidelines, and embraced our true identity in Jesus Christ. it was if we were riding along on this unhappy journey, full of stress, distractions and compromise before hearing a subtle call to turn our attention towards The Cross. Once we did, everything just stopped. We began to question the direction we were heading in and became convinced that there must be more. More to our faith, to life, than what we had accepted. As soon as we began going deeper, in scripture study and prayer, we found a Savior who loved us beyond any measure and who had been pursuing us all along. He reached out His hand and called us to arise and take our place at His table. Our deepest desire is to help other men find Him, so they too can arise and take their place next to Him.

What Are Our Plans?

Our desire is to help anyone we can to grow in their relationship with Jesus, the Father and The Holy Spirit. To do that, we want to help open up new ministries, for everyone, and support preexisting ones. To encourage communities to grow in faith through outreach opportunities, retreats and other planned events. We also recognize that a “one-size fits all” approach really doesn’t work, so some of the ministries or events will at times be for specific audiences. Our hope is to help grow and/or support ministries for men, women, and families. We already have some exciting plans for the near future. Stay tuned!

If you have any ideas, would like to know more, or have some suggestions- please reach out to us at 

2019 Schedule Forthcoming!

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